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There are three ways of payment agreed by the seller:

  1. The buyer will issue a CEC for guarantee the purchased goods from the seller, in order to benefit from the following facility granted by the seller: `the goods will be paid by PO (payment order) before the next order launch, but not later than 60 days from the last delivery.

    In case that the goods are not paid in maximum 60 days from its delivery, the Seller will notice in written the Buyer about the overdue debts. If the Buyer won’t pay in 5 (five) days from the written notice, the Seller has the right to fill the CEC and to submit it to the bank in order to take the cash.

    The Buyer commit himself to inform and change the guarantee in case of arising a change in the top management structure, that involve the change of specimen signature.

  2. The Buyer could pay the goods in advance or at the delivery time from the store; in this case, it will be granted a 2% discount from the total value.

  3. The Buyer can pay the goods at 30 days with CEC filled with the value of the invoice issued at delivery.

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