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AMOCHIM International offers you the trade mark product AdBlue®, either packed in PET bottles, cor in 1 cubic meter/ 1,000 liter intermmediate bulck containers (IBCs), being the client property.

* PET bottles are recyclable, sealed, having a 10 liter capacity, provided with individual feeding funnels, extensible and adjustable, easy to manipulate and transported on board.

Thus, you may be sure thay you can feel with AdBlue® without being necessary to have further equipment and without being necessary to go to the filling stations.

The product is delivered on wood euro-palets, certified , with the following dimensions : 1150 x 1150 x 1020 mm, each palet having 72 bottles (x 10 liter) = 720 liter, packed in foil. The minimum sale quantity is 1 euro-palet.

AdBlue® delivery in client’s IBCs – is made provided that all the conditions regarding the packages given by ISO 22241 and the quality assurance manual for AdBlue® are observed.

Thus, in order to avoid the product contamination and the change in its quality features, the following instructions must be obeyed:

  • the IBCs must be dedicated (used ONLY for AdBlue®); the direct contact with other substances must be avoid, in order to keep the product purity;
    • The product must be kept only in its original packing
    • When filling the IBC, AMOCHIM International will mark every IBC, in order to make it traseable
    • The IBCs that previously contained oil products or fito-sanitary products will not be allowed for filling.
  • The packages must be in good condition for use (without damages, crackings, etc.) Otherwise they will not be filled.

From these considerations and in order to have guaranteed the quality of AdBlue®, the producer is oblidged to wash each IBC before its filling.

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