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What is AdBlue® ?

AdBlue® is a high purity aqueous urea solution (32.5 % urea) , the quality of which is set by the VDA standard DIN 70070 and by the standard ISO 22241-1/ 22241-2.

What for is used AdBlue® ?

AdBlue® is a harmless product, necessary for operating the diesel vechicles EURO 4, EURO 5 and EURO6 (provided with a special tank for AdBlue®).

By the SCR technology (SELECTIVE CATALYTIC REDUCTION), the product AdBlue® reduces the harmfull emissions from the exhausted gases and also the particulate matter in the atmosphere, having contribution in reducing the pollution and keeping a clean environment.

Which is the AdBlue® consumption ?

The AdBlue® tank is different from the diesel tank. The AdBlue® consumption is around 5% from the diesel consumption. Thus, there is no need to fill with AdBlue® every time is filled with diesel. For example, a 50-60 liters tank for AdBlue® is enough for a 2,000 Km distance.

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