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SC AMOCHIM INTERNAŢIONAL SRL has implemented a Quality Management System and get it’s certification as per ISO 9001:2008 norme - `Quality Management Systems. Requirements`, for AdBlue production and trade. In 2011 and 2014 the Quality Management System certification was renewed.

Accordingly, the top management has decided to maintain and improve continuously the Quality Management System, according to the norme SR EN ISO 9001 provisions, so that the requirements of our clients to be met always and in time. By means of the Quality management System it is assured that all the proceses in the company are under control in order to obtain and offer a product at the requested quality and in the same time to have a mutual advantageous colaboration with our clients, suppliers and all the interested parties.

Following to the ISO 9001 update (in 2015), the management has decided to implement its requests starting with the year 2016 and get the new certification according to ISO 9001:2015 in July 2017.

At the same time, improving continuously the Quality Management System allows us to assure and maintain a good reputation of our company on the domestic and foreign market regarding quality, meeting in this way, completely all the needs of all interest parties as well as the legal provisions in force applicable.

The Management System Manual and all the specific documentation are mandatory for all the employees, our main purpose being to do our job according to documents and to deliver all the time only product according to its standard specification. As a General Director, I will envolve myself in achieving and delivering a high quality product and in assuring the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and, in the same time, of a good penetration on the AdBlue market.

I also engage myself to assure the resources and motivation necessary for maintaining and permanent improving of the Quality Management System of Amochim International and I ask to all the employees to do their job so that not only observe their responsibilities in the reference documentation, but also to be permanently aware that the good results of the company are direcly dependant by the quality of their work.

That’s why I ask to our employees and our partners to contribute at achieving our proposed goals, to identify as many improving oportunities as posible and to inform about that the Management Representative and I commit myself to follow their acomplishment.

General Director
eng. Loredana Dănilă

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